Facts of Jamaica

Country Name Jamaica
Capital City Kingston
Data code: JM
Counties Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey
Parishes Clarendon, Hanover, Kingston, Manchester, Portland, Saint Andrew, Saint Ann, Saint Catherine, Saint Elizabeth, Saint James, Saint Mary, Saint Thomas, Trelawny, Westmoreland
Nationality Jamaican(s)
Official Language English
Independence :August 6, 1962
National Holiday Independence Day (August)
National Flower Lignum Vitae tree (Guiacum officinale)
National Bird Doctor Bird (Trochilus polytmus)
National Fruit Ackee (Blighia sapinda)
National Tree Blue Mahoe (Hibiscus elatus)
National Dish Ackee and Saltfish
Area 10,991 sq. km. (4,244 sq. mi.)
Population: 2,652,443
Ethnic Groups African, East Indian, Chinese, White, Mixed and Other
Religions Anglican, Baptist, Protestant, Roman Catholic and Rastafarian
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy
Governor General Sir Howard Cooke
Prime Minister Percival James Patterson
Deputy Prime Minister Seymour Mullings
International Airports Norman Manley International and Sangster International
Telephone Code 876
Time Zone GMT - 5 hours